Heavy Duty Coatings
The Heavy Duty Protective Coatings help to extends the lifespan of large steel structures exposed to highly corrosive environment for a long time such as ships sailing across the oceans and marine plants standing in the middle of the sea and makes the exterior look more beautiful.
Therefore, they should be excellent in rust prevention as well as sea-water and water resistance.
KCC produces Heavy Duty Protective Coatings with outstanding product capabilities including marine coatings, offshore plant coatings and water-based container coatings.
Furthermore, its competitiveness is well recognized by world-renowned shipping companies.

Marine Coatings


As a global leader in the marine paint industry in the 21st century, KCC has been recognized for its superior performance both domestically and globally. With our ceaseless efforts in technological innovation, we invest more than 5% of our annual revenue in research as the development expenses for our customers' satisfaction. As a result of these efforts, KCC has successfully completed more than 3,800 new-building projects and more than 5,500 dry-docking projects by developing and supplying superior quality products and providing complete on-site construction supervision. (As of the first half of 2017)

1. Characteristic Features

  • Outstanding color retention
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Excellent durability and good workability

2. Product Information

  • Korepox Topcoat H.B. ET5740
  • Korepox Topcoat H.B. ET5745
  • Korethan Topcoat UT6581
  • Korethan Topcoat H.S. UT6582
  • Korexane ST1020
Production information
ET5745 UT6581 UT6582 ST1020
Type Epoxy Topcoat Urethane Topcoat Urethane Topcoat Siloxane Topcoat
Typical D.F.T (㎛) 100㎛ 40~50㎛ 40~75㎛ 50㎛
SVR (%) 60 55 70 60

Korexane ST1020

  • Not effected by UV - Excellent weatherbility
  • Isocyanate free - Environmentally friendly
  • Long durability - High cross-linking density
  • Anti-pollution - Silicone property
  • Workability - Easy application

3. Reference

After 85 monthss

  • Type : Royal Dock (RD-3) / Floating Dock in DSME
  • Date of Delivery : April 17, 2006
  • Applied system : Siloxane ST1020
  • Date of Survey :May 10, 2013 (85 months)

After 55 months

  • Owner : CMA CGM (S279)
  • Date of Delivery : April 17, 2006
  • Applied system : Siloxane ST1020
  • Date of Survey :December 2006 (55 months)

After 39 months

  • Owner : Hanjin Shipping
  • Date of Delivery : January 2012
  • Applied system : Korethan Topcoat UT6581
  • Date of Survey :March 2015 (39 months)