Advanced Materials

KCC's Advanced Materials are the solutions for the future.

KCC’s organic materials are EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound), semiconductor encapsulants, and other electronic materials including adhesives.

Our EMC products can be applied to various types of semiconductor packages from various applications such as home appliances, industrial, automotives. KCC's electronic materials include underfill materials, solder resist, and adhesives for EV motors.

KCC provides optimized packaging solutions for global leading semiconductor manufacturers with a broad range of advanced materials.

EMC (Semiconductor encapsulant)

The EMC is an encapsulation material protecting semiconductor materials from heat, moisture and external impact. The EMC is an organic/inorganic composite material consisting of more than 11 different raw materials, including filler, epoxy resin, phenyl resin, carbon black and flame retardant materials.

Application example

EMC : Pellet type
EMC : Pellet type
EMC : Granule type

The list of major products