KCC thermal insulation is an inorganic material that does not burn and improves energy efficiency and safety.
Delicate and flexible artificial mineral fibers have excellent insulation and sound absorption performance It helps minimize fire damage by increasing the golden time in case of a fire.

KCC Mineral Wool

It is an artificial mineral fiber insulator made by melting calcium silicate at high temperatures after processing fibrosis with a high-speed torque and forming it into a uniform shape using the Binder. It maintains a constant temperature by blocking the move · loss of thermal energy and is also an excellent heat insulation. Particularly, it does not burn due to the inorganic mineral with an incombustible performance, so it is strong against fire. By developing outside insulation low-density mineral wool, we save on material costs and improve installation performance to take one step closer to the spread of inorganic insulation materials.
Quality variation is minimized by applying the Pendulum System. The overall properties are improved compared to those of the existing prefabricated method. The range of use temperature is wide and it is produced in various forms for diverse purposes. It is an economic insulation required in industrial equipment and marine engineering besides all buildings where thermal insulation, cold insulation, heat insulation, fireproof, sound absorption, and dew prevention are required.

Features & advantages

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  • It is produced by the high-speed rotary centrifugal method, so the fiber is thin and uniform. Since it has lost the fibers aggregated, it forms a finer air layer to effectively block the heat’s moving path.
  • The thin, uniform glass wool forms continuous microvoids. Whenever various noises go through Glass Wool, sound pressure energy is converted to frictional energy to block various noises. Thus, people can enjoy a comfortable life.
  • It is a chemically stable inorganic material strong against acid or alkaline chemicals and does not corrode or deteriorate due to weathering, so it is semipermanent and hygienic.
  • It contributes to environmental protection and resource saving by using recycling materials. It is a product to prevent sick house syndrome by minimizing the emissions amount of pollutants such as HCHO, TVOC. The eco-friendliness is recognized in various authorized test agencies including Eco-Label.
  • It has various product specifications for diverse purposes. It is also light and easy to cut, making it easy to install in any application and place.
  • The main ingredient is an inorganic ore, it does not burn, so it is used for fireproof and refractory structures due to its high use temperature and inflammability. The performance is recognized by domestic and overseas certified agencies.

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