Ethical and Compliance Management/ Board of Directors (BOD)

We intend to transform into a global company trusted by our internal/external stakeholders by establishing a healthy governance.

We strive to achieve an advanced governance by operating business in a transparent and responsible manner under the supervision of the independent BOD based on our philosophy of “Creating Value for a Better Life for All.”

KCC’s “Jeong-Do” (Ethical) Management

맡은 자리의 주인이 되자

Since its establishment in 1958, KCC has been fully committed to develop the country and industry by considering the Jeong-Do management a principle observing laws and ethics. The Jeong-Do management is our core value of creating a sustainable company fulfilling social responsibilities while observing laws and ethics.

According to the Jeong-Do management principle, executives/employees of our domestic and overseas corporations strive to conduct their business legally and ethically while fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities.
To practice the Jeong-Do management, we have established and operated the Code of Conduct befitting to the global standards. Our compliance regulations are comprised of the two main pillars of compliance and ethical management.

We operate a Compliance Program to achieve the Jeong-Do management. The Program is comprised of prevention, monitoring, and follow-up management activities and each activity is complementary to each other.

The Compliance Program Committee operates the Program twice a year. The Committee collects the items implemented and to-be-implemented for each half year to report them to the BOD and voluntarily disclose them.

  • Distribute the Guideline/Manual of the Compliance Program.
  • Train executives/employees.
  • Run the contract management system and the help desk center.
  • Sustainable Management Committee.
Follow-up management
  • Analyze causes.
  • Establish the reoccurrence prevention measures.
  • Take actions on those having violated the laws/regulation.
  • Inspect internally.
  • Receive/investigate reporting.
  • Respond to legal issues.
  • Practice Measures of the Compliance Management

    We distribute the guidelines and manual of the Program to support our employees in observing the laws/regulations. We also conduct regular and occasional training programs and share newsletters to deliver the latest issues and improve some missing content.
    By doing so, we establish a fair trading order, protect intellectual property, and prevent corruption to implement compliance management.

  • Practice Measures of the Ethical Management

    Our executives/employees besides our suppliers and external stakeholders all gear towards the execution of ethical management activities and the observation of fair trade orders.
    Recognizing that fair and transparent corporate management is essential to improve national competitiveness and achieve mutual economic prosperity, we do our best to practice ethical management including the prevention of conflict of interest to fulfill our responsibilities to our stakeholders including the customers, shareholders, suppliers, and communities.

The organization and regulations of the BOD

The organization and regulations of the BOD Data
  CEO Chairman of the BOD
Internal director
External director/ Senior external director
External director
External director
External director
The latest appointment date Mar 9, 2022 Mar 29, 2021 Mar 29, 2022 Mar 29, 2023 Mar 29, 2022 Mar 29, 2022 Mar 29, 2022
The current term (years) 3 3 3 2 2 2 2
Major career [Current]Chairman of the KCC Corp.
[Current]CEO (Singapore) of the KCC Corp.
[Current]President of the KCC Corp
[Former] Vice President of the KCC Corp
[Current] CPO of the KCC Corp (Head of the Management Strategy Division)
[Former] Overseas Business Support of the KCC Corp.
[Current]Head Accountant of New Joy Accounting Firm
[Former] Director of NTS Daejeon Regional Office
[Current] Senior Counsel of Haesong LCC
[Former] Prosecutor at Chuncheon District Prosecutors’ Office
[Current]Professor of the SNU Business School
[Former] Assistant Professor of Montclair State University
[Current] Executive Director of the Gwanggyo Accounting Firm
[Former] Director of Samjung KPMG

The organization and regulations of the committees

Audit Committee

감사위원회 구성 및 규정 정보 제공
Major authorities Internal director External director
  • Review on the internal/external audit
  • Evaluate the internal control system
  • Create/submit audit
  • Chair 신동렬
  • Member 윤석화
  • Member 장성완

External Director Nomination Committee

사외이사후보추천위원회 구성 및 규정 정보 제공
Major authorities Internal director External director
  • Recommend a candidate for external directors
  • Handle other items required for recommendations
  • Chair 한무근
  • Member 윤석화
  • Member 장성완

Sustainable Management Committee

지속가능 경영위원회 구성 및 규정 정보 제공
Major authorities Internal director External director
  • Establish and review the ESG related policy
  • Review ESG-related major progresses
  • Review and approve the internal transaction
  • Chair 윤석화
  • Member 한무근
  • Member 장성완