KCC thermal insulation is an inorganic material that does not burn and improves energy efficiency and safety.
Delicate and flexible artificial mineral fibers have excellent insulation and sound absorption performance It helps minimize fire damage by increasing the golden time in case of a fire.

2023년 한국품질만족지수(KS-QEI) 5년 연속 그라스울 부분 1위 수상

KCC Glass Wool

This inorganic artificial mineral fiber insulator was made by melting 6 types of glass ingredients, such as silica, at a high temperature and fiberizing via high-speed rotation. By delicately weaving soft fibers, it secures excellent insulation and acoustic performance. As an inorganic material, it does not burn and there is no deformation over time, which guarantees semi-permanent use. With the maximum working temperature of 300~400℃, it is mainly used in construction fields.

Features & advantages

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  • It is produced by the high-speed rotary centrifugal method, so the fiber is thin and uniform. Since it has lost the fibers aggregated, it forms a finer air layer to effectively block the heat’s moving path.
  • The thin, uniform glass wool forms continuous microvoids. Whenever various noises go through Glass Wool, sound pressure energy is converted to frictional energy to block various noises. Thus, people can enjoy a comfortable life.
  • As a high-quality insulation material with the dew and noise prevention effect besides excellent heat/thermal insulation performance, it is outstanding in energy saving and offering comfortable living, thus it is helpful in saving LCC(Life Cycle Cost).
  • As a inorganic fiber heat insulation, it does not burn as an incombustible material which passed domestic and overseas test standards including KS and ASTM. It rarely generates toxic gas.
  • It is a product of preventing a sick house syndrome by emitting HCHO less than the standard amount. By using recycled raw materials including waste glass, it also contributes to environmental protection and resource saving. (Secure Korea Eco-Label, highest grade in HB Mark, and Non-Asbestos Test Report.)
  • The fiber is light and easy to cut with a knife or scissors. The fiber’s length is longer than others’, so compressive and restoring force are excellent, making it easy to transport, store, and handle. It can be produced in various forms, so it can be installed in any application and building area where thermal and heat insulation and soundproof performance are required.
  • With special water repellent processing, no degradation in heat insulation and deterioration occur. Since it is made of chemical-glass whose weathering and heat resistance are excellent, the durability is outstanding. (Features of WATERSAFE)

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