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Job Descriptions


Job Job Description Major
Planning Analyze and project business performance Business/Economics/
Liberal Arts/Law
Establish business strategy, review new business plans
Manage overseas subsidiaries
Accounting Prepare corporate accounting reports, do bookkeeping and accounting Business/Economics
Update tax law, come up with measures against major tax issues, take the appropriate measures for any changes in tax law
Finance Fund management and financing Business/Economics
IR, stock information management
Human Resources Recruitment and evaluation Business/Economics/
Liberal Arts/Law
Rewards and welfare benefits
Corporate culture improvement
Purchases Purchase raw materials and equipment Business/Economics/
Chemical Engineering
Import transportation and customs
Release of products
Logistics OEM, product management, logistics improvement Business/Economics
Corporate events/ceremony planning, protocols for senior management
General Affairs Efficient corporate asset management (tangible and intangible assets) Business/Economics/
Liberal Arts/Law
Legal advice, internal regulation management
IT Internal and external computer system design, development and maintenance Computer/ IT