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KCC Environmental Management Policy

CSR management of KCC
KCC is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in a preemptive and consistent manner based on the management concept of value creation for better life and the vision and goal of becoming #1 company with strong competitiveness in eco-friendly technologies. We are committed to becoming an advanced business by leading environmental and quality management and achieving shared growth with autonomous assessment for fair trading.

KCC Environmental Management Policy


KCC earnestly strives to be a sustainable company through eco-friendly activities under the management philosophy of “creating better value for all.” Through the establishment of this Environmental Management Policy, KCC is committed to fulfilling its environmental responsibility and role of minimizing environmental impacts that may occur throughout the supply chain and business. The scope of this Policy extends to all employees of KCC’s domestic & overseas production & sales affiliates and subsidiaries. The sub-subsidiaries, joint ventures, etc. are encouraged to comply with this Policy.

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Article 1 Production

  • ① KCC shall endeavor to prevent environmental pollution by minimizing the emission of harmful substances that may be generated during the operation, maintenance, and repair of production facilities.
  • ② KCC shall familiarize itself with international standards and laws and regulations related to the environment, prepare in-house regulations and standards, and supervise the establishment of processes for the efficient management of production and business facilities.

Article 2 Research and Development

  • ① KCC shall recognize the risks and opportunity factors that environmental issues have on business and endeavor to develop eco-friendly products that can minimize the environmental impact.
  • ② KCC shall endeavor to minimize the environmental impact by evaluating and quantifying the environmental characteristics of products.

Article 3 Distribution and Logistics

  • ① KCC shall endeavor to prevent environmental pollution that may occur during transportation.
  • ② KCC shall endeavor to prevent environmental pollution and reduce energy through efficient logistics operation management and inventory optimization management.

Article 4 Supply Chain Management

  • ① KCC shall endeavor to minimize the environmental impact considering the level of environmental management when selecting a new partner company.
  • ② KCC shall support partner companies’ environmental management activities and strive to reduce environmental risks throughout the supply chain.

Article 5 Greenhouse Gas and Energy Management

  • ① KCC shall quantify greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and monitor emission performance on a regular basis.
  • ② KCC shall minimize the impact of climate change through investments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Article 6 Waste Management

  • ① KCC shall strive for efficient waste management by identifying the environmental impacts of corporate activities.
  • ② KCC shall endeavor to minimize the amount of waste by promoting the recycling and reuse of wastes generated from production activities.

Article 7 Management of Water Resources

  • ① KCC shall endeavor to use water resources within its workplaces efficiently, improve recycling rates, and reduce emissions.
  • ② KCC shall endeavor to minimize environmental impact through periodic monitoring and maintenance of facility performance.

Article 8 Management of Harmful Substances

  • ① KCC shall endeavor to minimize the occurrence of substances that may cause harm to the environment and health.
  • ② KCC shall continuously manage harmful substances by reducing the emission of organic solvents and VOCs.

Article 9 Biodiversity

  • ① KCC shall recognize the importance of restoring natural ecosystems and conserving biodiversity and actively research ways to conserve ecosystems to minimize negative impacts.
  • ② KCC shall be aware of the potential impact of the project on the environment and biodiversity.

Article 10 Prohibition of Deforestation

  • ① KCC shall take the lead in preventing deforestation to protect the ecosystem and strive for the continuous development of policies to protect the earth.
  • ② KCC shall endeavor to prevent deforestation together with partner companies through an eco-friendly management system.

Article 11 Disclosure of Environmental Information

  • ① KCC shall transparently disclose the performance of its eco-friendly management activities to stakeholders.
  • ② KCC shall provide all executives and employees with environmental education and opportunities to raise awareness of environmental conservation.