KCC Corporation

Business Ethics / Compliance Management

KCC's Jeong-Do Management

"The meaning of the KCC's policy of 'be the owner of the position' is to fulfill your responsibility and walk to the right way. KCC has been on the road of Jeong-Do management for about 60 years since its foundation. Walking to the right means obeying the law, not acting outside of common sense, and inheriting tradition."

- KCC Honorary Chairman Jung Sang-young

Since its foundation in 1958, KCC has been striving for the development of the country and industry by making Jeong-Do management a principle that complies with law and ethics. Jeong-Do management is KCC's core value to make a sustainable company that practices social responsibility by complying with laws and ethics.

In accordance with the principle of Jeong-Do management, KCC's domestic / foreign corporations, their executives and employees are striving to carry out their business in a legal and ethical manner and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. In order to practice Jeong-Do management, KCC has established and operated Code of Conduct that meets global standards, and compliance regulations consist of two main pillars: compliance management and ethical management.

KCC operates COMPLIANCE PROGRAM as a self-compliance policy to achieve Jeong-Do management. This PROGRAM consists of three activities: prevention, monitoring, and follow-up management, that forms a systematic supplementary system. The operation details of PROGRAM are reported to the board of directors through the Autonomous Compliance Coordination Committee twice a year, by aggregating the implementation and scheduled matters of each semiannual and then self corporate disclosure is conducted.