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KCC Human Rights Management Policy

CSR management of KCC
KCC is fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in a preemptive and consistent manner based on the management concept of value creation for better life and the vision and goal of becoming #1 company with strong competitiveness in eco-friendly technologies. We are committed to becoming an advanced business by leading environmental and quality management and achieving shared growth with autonomous assessment for fair trading.

KCC Human Rights Management Policy


KCC is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility and role of protecting human rights as a global corporate citizen under the management philosophy of 'Creating Better Value for all', and strives in earnest to be a sustainable company by preventing human rights violations that may occur in our business and entire value chain. In order to respect and protect the human rights of all employees, KCC complies with international human rights standards and guidelines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, as well as related provisions in the laws and regulations of each country. This policy extends to all employees of KCC's domestic & overseas production & sales affiliates, subsidiaries, sub-subsidiaries, joint ventures, etc., as well as all suppliers and partners doing business with KCC. As for a conflict between this policy and local laws, the stricter standards take precedence, and we continuously monitor and apply the zero-tolerance principle to improve human rights and labor risk factors. As such, we improve and spread awareness of the human rights of all stakeholders directly or indirectly affected by KCC's business activities.

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Article 1 Humanitarian Treatment

We duly respect all members as an individual, provide equal opportunities, and prevent inhumane treatment such as mental or physical coercion or abuse. In the case of inhumane acts such as violence, sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, abusive language, harassment, and public shame, strict measures are taken in conformity with internal and local disciplinary regulations.

Article 2 Anti-Discrimination Practices

As for our human resources practices of recruitment, promotion, salary, training, disciplinary action, and retirement, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender or gender identity, age, disability, marital status, family support, social status, political orientation, etc., nor engage in any practice that violates the laws of each country.

Article 3 Prohibition of Forced Labor

We guarantee labor participation based on our employees and affiliates' free will, and prohibit forced labor practices under mental and physical restraints, including slavery and human trafficking.

Article 4 Prohibition of Child Labor

We abide by the minimum employment age set by the laws of each country and region, and verify the age of all workers through standard operating procedures when hiring.

Article 5 Freedom of Association

We respect the freedom to engage in labor participation, and guarantee the freedom of association and the right to organize and bargain collectively in conformity with the labor-related laws and regulations of each country.

Article 6 Working Hours

We comply with the labor-related laws set by each country and region in which we do business.

Article 7 Wages and Welfare

According to the same laws and regulations, we pay salaries and wages above minimum wage standards in conformity with the laws of each country and region along with a paystub, and in case of overtime shifts, overtime pay at the prescribed rate.

Article 8 Responsible Supply Chain Management

We prevent the inflow of funds to warring factions by refraining from the purchase of conflict minerals mined in an unethical way in conflict areas such as Africa, and strive to provide products containing ethically mined minerals to customers.

Article 9 Safety and Health of Employees

For the safety and health of our employees, we establish relevant guidelines and ensure that all employees comply with them, and provide a safe working environment for all employees by removing workplace risk factors and taking precautionary measures, such as personal protective equipment, and regular safety training, so that they perform work in conformity with safety rules with.

Article 10 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

We prohibit all acts that cause sexual humiliation, such as sexual harassment and violence in the workplace, and all acts of bullying that inflict physical or mental pain by abusing the superiority of one's position or relationship in the workplace. In addition, we prevent damage by providing training on prevention of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, and established an internal channel where anyone can report damage in order to protect a victim and whistleblower, while taking appropriate disciplinary measures and remedies.

Article 11 Protection of Human Rights of Local Residents and Vulnerable Groups

We take appropriate measures and manage so that human rights of vulnerable groups such as local residents, children, women, persons with disabilities, and foreign workers, including the environment, safety and health, and freedom of residence, are not infringed by the company's business activities.

Article 12 Protection of Customer Human Rights

In providing products and services to customers, all employees put the customer's life, health, and property protection first, and take the strictest measures to protect personal information.