How to use - KCC Corporation


KCC group's employees, employees of partner companies,
and customers can report any irregularities/corruption.
Accepting bribery, committing unfair transactions using superior status,
or leaking classified information of any parties are subjected to report. Under the principle of closed investigation, we will check it with related department to reply you.
Target of information
  • Forcing unfair trade on suppliers and customers
  • Receiving any kind of valuables, entertainment, or convenience from any interested parties
  • Making undue profits through improper use of the company’s resources or information
  • Any other unethical acts prohibited as a fair employee
  • The report must be made by one’s real name, but non-disclosure is the norm
  • Please provide as many details according to 5W1H based on facts only
  • Any type of slander that is not based on facts or privacy out of one’s duty is not subject to our investigation
  • Audit team will receive the information reported for an independent investigation
  • If the information reported is not subject to report or is inappropriate for audit team to investigate, it can be transferred to another relevant department to process