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KCC interior and exterior materials are developed and produced with the quality of housing and disasters in mind.
A variety of functional gypsum boards, from regular stone board to fireproof, waterproof, fireproof, anti-bacterial, soundproof, and front waterproof stone board It produces beautiful patterns and stable color ceiling materials to meet customer needs.

2023 Korean Standard-Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI) Ranked 1st in Gypsum Tex PLUS for 7 consecutive years

KCC Ceiling Board

  • What is the HB Mark?
    A collective quality certification system of granting an eco-friendly certification grade based on the strict and thorough quality certification tests performed by a qualified testing agency. The tests include the degree of organic compounds(HCHO, TVOC) emissions on the construction materials produced domestically and overseas. (Related to Article 11 of the INDOOR AIR QUALITY CONTROL)

KCC has two types of soundproof gypsum tex, gypsum and mineral wool system. The gypsum system has perforated, soundproof SOUNDWIN and incombustible Gypsum Tex PLUS. The mineral wool system has noncombustible Mitone/Mitex, mainly made of mineral wool manufactured by pure natural ore. The weight of Mitone is only one-third that of other conventional gypsum cement boards. It can be produced as a broad board with a variety of patterns, making the ceilings of buildings beautiful and elegant.
Of the many patterns, Cloudia/Sahara give a luxurious touch. Mitone Sky is a package product easily installable in spaces requiring sound insulation. Various types of construction systems, such as T&H-Bar, M-Bar, and T-Bar, ensures a unique style of space decoration. By absorbing and blocking indoor and outdoor noise, it can also add beauty and convenience to the ceilings of office buildings, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls.

Features & advantages

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  • This product received the highest grade in Healthy Building regulations qualified by the Korea Air Cleaning Association(KACA) according to released intensity of Building materials manufactured in Domestic and Foreign industries.
  • Its thermal resistance is much higher than that of other materials, thereby heightening its thermal insulation effect. Thus, the indoor temperature is kept constant and energy efficiency is ensured.
  • It remains stable and intact and does not contract or expand when changes in temperature or humidity occur. Thus, it rarely loosens and cracks even with long-tire use.
  • This is an asbestos-free product that does not contain any asbestos.
  • An incombustible product officially certified by the Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea (FILK), it prevents fires from spreading, thus minimizing the casualties.
  • Far lighter than the other cement-based ceiling boards in the market, it can be handled and carried with ease and can reduce the dead load of buildings.
  • It can be easily cut on-site with a knife or saw along with various Installation Methods using the T&H-Bar, M-Bar, T-Bar or PYRAMODULE system, and it can be used in the construction of a wide variety of buildings, from office buildings to shops.
  • It can create a tranquil indoor environment by absorbing and cutting off sound transmissions.

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