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KCC windows provide an optimal solution with a variety of lineups such as general window, balcony window, system window, and high-end window. It is effective in saving energy due to its excellent insulation and helps create a quiet and pleasant indoor environment with a soundproof effect. The luxurious and beautiful design allows you to create a sophisticated interior atmosphere.

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KCC Inner Windows

Various high-quality windows demonstrate an excellent heat insulation performance and an elegant look.

Features & advantages

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  • The use of U-PVC's extremely low thermal conductivity (about 1/1,250 compared to AL), excellent airtight materials and the scientific multi-compartment structural design can effectively reduce energy consumption during cooling and heating.
  • KCC Windows manufactured by the welding method has excellent airtightness as the amount of ventilation has been minimized by using excellent airtight materials, and glass of various thicknesses can be applied to effectively block off outside noise.
  • The structure of window frame surrounding the glass gives a sense of stability, and colorful wood grain films are applied to the inner layer with reinforced weatherability to create a luxurious and stylish interior atmosphere.
  • Rainwater is less likely to soak through the window system due to the design of welded construction, increased height of the inner wall and the overlapping structure of the window and rail. In addition, the strength of the wind pressure has been improved by using increased hanging dimension and appropriate steel reinforcement core to prevent deviation caused by slope change during installation. It is resistant to salinity, acid, alkali and harmful gases, thus, relieves concerns about corrosion in any region or condition.
  • The use of grooved door roller and grooved rail makes it very easy to smoothly open and close the heavy double-layer glass, and the height adjustment lever on large windows allows easy control of vertical and horizontal adjustments of windows.
Freeway EBF125, EBF205
  • Easy to access the living room and balcony as there is no level difference between the window frame bottom and rail.
  • Create a harmonious indoor atmosphere in the empty frame by applying wood texture films in diverse colors.
  • Possible to apply a window frame whose width is 205mm or 225mm depending on the wall thickness.

for indoor (window that separates the indoor from the balcony.)


Exterior : White

Interior : White, Interior Film

Glass Thickness


Frame Width

125㎜ / 205㎜


Main products list

Freeway EBF125
Freeway EBF205
Unified-Slidng Window System UBF205TM
Unified-Slidng Window System UBF225TM
Unified-Slidng Window System UBF228TM
Inner Window WideVille UBF118
School Window(Single) USS118