Automotive (OEM) Coatings With Strong Durability and a Beautiful Look

It is used to give a beautiful look to the automobiles while protecting it with durability against UV rays, acid rain, salinity, oil, and chemicals.
It achieves an improved coating performance and higher quality thanks to the multiple structures of an electrodeposition coat, a mid coat, base coat, and clear coat.

  • Korea’s 1st Water-Borne Basecoat

    The first in Korea developed waterborne basecoat completed with our own technology

  • Beautiful Look

    Automatically develops color formula to each consumer with Color-Navi program

  • Excellent efficiency and productivity

    Enhance the coating quality and gloss with the improved scratch resistance.

With Superior Eco-friendliness and Economic Feasibility

EC (Electrodeposition Coatings)

(Cationic) EC is used as a basecoat for the car body thanks to its eco-friendliness and economic feasibility. In line with the latest trends, we are developing products with an exceptional pre-treating capability and lowering the curing temperature to realize carbon neutrality and maximize the economic feasibility of our customers.

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