Plastic Coatings Adding Functionality and Elegance to Products

With the excellent weatherability and cold resistance, plastic coatings are used in the exterior of various electronic products. It is also used in the dashboard in the car interior to protect the properties of interior materials and secure the emotional quality of the car. By developing paints with various colors, patterns, and functionalities, we enhance the value of mobile devices.

  • Superior Weather/ Cold Resistance

    Excellent in maintaining functions with strong resistance to external climate conditions and environmental/natural factors.

  • High Strength and Lightweight

    Provide sufficient strength while decreasing the weight of electronic products, automotive parts, etc.

  • Various Colors
    and Patterns

    Diversify the product’s appearances as much more various designs become available.

Used in Various Home Appliances and Smartphones

Plastic Coatings for Electronics · Home Appliances

Under the vision to grow our company to become a world-class mecca for the coating production for electronic materials, we have built a dedicated production facility for plastic coatings, applied to IT products including smartphones and have been operating it in earnest. By developing paints with various colors, patterns, and functionalities, we have increased the value of mobile products. Lately, we gear toward developing eco-friendly, real metal, and lightweight coatings.

Home Appliances
  1. Coatings where High clarity polyme and Polar group are introduced.
  2. Excellent high adhesiveness, moisture resistance, etc.
  3. Applicable to appearances including TV stand/monitor/smartphone.
  4. Coating specifications differ by the applied materials.
    (Able to recommend urethane, epoxy, lacquer products)
Mobile Devices
  1. Coatings used in smartphones, tablets, wearables, other accessories, etc.
  2. Products are classified by material type and the coating method.
  3. Smartphone coatings are classified as coatings for interior/exterior/accessories.
  4. Exterior coatings can express a variety of colors/textures/functions.
  5. For wearable coatings, wider materials including silicone are used.

Coating Types

  1. 01 Urethane

    As coatings formed by a urethane bond in the reaction to form a paint film, adhesiveness, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and weatherability are outstanding.

    Applications: Heavy equipment, railway vehicles, etc.
  2. 02 Epoxy

    As volatile-solvent, fast-drying coatings, it forms dry film in a short period of time and is characterized as a high gloss.

    Applications: Universal use and repair of wood, steel, etc.
  3. 03 Lacquer

    As air-drying 2-components enamel whose major ingredient is epoxy resin, it has superior adhesiveness, chemical resistance, water resistance, and electrical properties.

    Applications: Transformers, ultra-high pressure breakers, etc.

Application example

  • TV Stands
  • Smartphones

Main Products List

Korepox PrimerEP1160(H)