Powder Coatings Eco-friendly with a Variety of Patterns

It is free of volatile substances since any volatile solvents or diluents like water are not included. Accordingly, there is no risk of being addicted to solvents and has a low risk of fire. Pollutant issues such as air and water pollution can be minimized.
Once the film is fabricated, it does not crease or drip. The applicability is excellent as the viscosity adjustment does not need to be adjusted.
Powder coatings are applied like spraying the powder, instantly forming a film when it is adhered to the sprayed surface, which forms a thick application without no additional coatings. Any remaining powder not attached to the surface can be collected for reuse. Thus, the economic feasibility is also very high.

  • High Stability

    Free of volatile substances including volatile solvents or diluents

  • Excellent Applicability and Economic Feasibility

    No need to adjust viscosity and can be reusable after the collection.

  • Anti-corrosive and High Insulation

    Special functions including corrosion prevention and insulation.

  • Steel Pipe Protection

    Protect various steel pipes and increase transportation efficiency.

with Excellent Durability and Beautiful Look

Powder Coatings for Electronics · Home Appliances

By reflecting the consumers’ needs regularly, we produce high functional products such as the 2 coating system, self-cleaning, high levelling, negative ions and antibacterial powder coatings, whose corrosion resistance is improved in a highly corrosive environment.
Moreover, by obtaining international certificates such as KS and UL, we have made the efforts to expand the applications under severe environmental conditions including ships, nuclear power plants and overseas plants.

Application example


Applications: Inner skin of the refrigerators/kimchi refrigerator, etc.

High functional coatings are used, in which diverse colors and gloss are required for a beautiful appearance as well as chemical resistance and other relevant mechanical properties.


Applications: Top cover of washers, etc.

High functional coatings with a gloss, waterproofness and abrasion resistance as well as diverse colors such as metallic colors are used.

Air Conditioner (Outdoor Unit)

Applications: Cases including auxiliary parts of outdoor units of air conditioners

Coatings with excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance as well as self-cleaning functions are used as it is installed outdoors.

Distribution Boards

Applications: Electric control boards and panels in buildings and factories

There is an increasing demand on high hardness products due to scratch issues during installation and maintenance.


Applications: Electric wiring of plants, factories and vessels in the Middle East

Products with superior anti-forming performance are used.


Applications: Equipment replacing cables for a stable electricity supply in large buildings and factories

Coatings with the UL certification on insulation including flame retardancy and insulation in high voltages are used.

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