Film - KCC
Creating an eco-friendly and sophisticated interior space.
By applying modern sense and special surface treatment technology,
a natural appearance of delicate patterns and various colors is created,
expressing the liveliness, beauty and luxuriousness of natural wood.
In particular, the design and high quality mastered by the harmony of beautiful colors
and surface texture will satisfy a variety consumer preferences.

KCC Vicenti is a surface finish applicable to furniture and molding materials. It boasts outstanding colors and patterns and greatly influences the atmosphere of residential or office space. Unlike deco sheets that attach the film directly onto the surface of raw materials, interior films that already contain adhesives on the back can be installed conveniently by a professional constructor on site.

In particular, KCC Vicenti offers a broad range of colors, patterns and textures, such as wood patterns and metallic gloss, which can be attached like stickers for consumer convenience. As the film is attached on steel plates to express metallic texture of diverse patterns, consumers can feel the meticulous details of metallic processing finish. With the implementation of 3D metallic patterns, KCC Vicenti is often used as a finish on home appliances such as refrigerators. Also, it is widely applied to IT devices, TVs and elevator doors. DAF (Die Attach Film) is a type of film where an adhesive used to protect semi-conductor chips and to attach semi-conductors onto the circuit board.

Like liquid glue, it is used to attach circuit-printed chips onto the circuit board in the multi-layering process of chips. With the growth of electronic device industry, it is mainly used in manufacturing cards such as USBs and SDs

Market Application (Adhesive)