Cerak Wool - KCC Corporation
Inorganic insulator suitable for special industrial environments
Cerak Wool, an ultra-high temperature resistant insulator, maintains stable and excellent quality at high temperatures over 1,000°C. It is applied to industrial internal insulators and exhaust-emission purification devices in petrochemical and steel industries, and sustains low thermal conductivity even under high temperatures. In particular, KCC Ceramic Fiber is classified into general and eco-friendly types with maximum working temperatures of up to 1,430°C for general products and 1,260°C for eco-friendly products. The level of safety guaranteed by this product line has already been recognized in the domestic and overseas plant markets.

Cerak Wool, an ultra-high temperature-resistant and fireproof insulator, is called “ceramic fiber” and is manufactured by the spinning method using KCC’s state-of-the-art fiberizing equipment. The main ingredients, such as high purity silica (sand) and alumina, are melted and fiberized for excellent thermal insulation. Moreover, with extremely low thermal conductivity at high temperatures, it prevents machines from deformation in high temperature environments. It is mainly used as a high-temperature insulator at power plants, steelmaking plants and plants manufacturing chemical products.

KCC’s eco-friendly ceramic fiber called Cerak Wool New-Bio reached the working temperature of 1,260°C for the first time in Korea, and especially, KCC released the Cerak Wool New-Bio α 1200 with excellent product stability and thermal conductivity at high temperatures. KCC Cerak Wool New Bio α1200 passed the EU TexTiles Fiber Safety Regulatory Commission Standard evaluating the level of safety of texTiles to the body, European Animal Testing Standard (EU Directive 67/548 EWG) and Body Solubility Test Standard in Germany (TRGS 905) and proved the highest safety. With eco-friendliness and excellent bio-solubility, this product is safe to the human body as the fiber is dissolved and discharged out of the body even after it is inhaled.

Market Application (Insulation Materials)