Glass Wool - KCC Corporation
KCC Glass Wool born from Nature
Glass Wool is an inorganic artificial mineral fiber insulator made by melting glass raw materials at high temperatures and forming them into certain shapes after fiberizing.
With flexible and soft fibers that have been delicately woven, KCC Glass Wool features excellent insulation and acoustic performance.
It is applied to construction fields as well as industrial applications such as LNG tanks.

This inorganic artificial mineral fiber insulator was made by melting 6 types of glass ingredients, such as silica, at high temperature and fiberizing via high-speed rotation. By delicately weaving soft fibers, it secures excellent insulation and acoustic performance. As an inorganic material, it does not burn and there is no deformation over time, which guarantees semi-permanent use. With the maximum working temperature of 350℃, it is mainly used in construction fields.

KCC Glass Wool Nature used a natural binder for the first time in Korea, and is the most eco-friendly product among the glass wool products developed until today. With the application of natural organic binder extracted from corn, the level of formaldehyde emission remains below the regulatory standard. As no harmful materials are used, it is more eco-friendly than the existing products. The main ingredient of Glass Wool Nature is silica (sand).

Unlike organic insulators made from refining petrol several times, it does not emit Freon gas. Moreover, the level of energy consumption required across the entire lifecycle from production to disposal is lower than organic insulators. KCC Glass Wool is leading the prevention of global warming and energy resource preservation.

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