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Fiberglass is a product with a 10-23㎛ thickness made by surface treating the filament made from melting glass under high temperatures of over 1,500℃.
This composite material is applied to parts and are rarely visible, but it can reinforce the properties of plastic without which plastic would otherwise break very easily.
It is widely used in LCD TV, and back panels of monitors as well as industries such as electric/electronics, automobiles and civil engineering.

Fiberglass is made by mixing inorganic ingredients such as lead and limestone, which are melted under high temperature of over 1,500℃ and then drawing them out through a small hole in thin threads as thin as a micrometer (1 millionth of a meter). Ordinary plastic can break easily, is vulnerable against heat and has lower dimensional stability. But by applying fiberglass, ordinary plastic is transformed into reinforced plastic with high physical strength as the properties of fiberglass supplements both dimensional stability and strength.

KCC’s fiberglass products range from chopped strand and chopped strand mat to direct roving, conventional roving, woven roving and tissue (glassue). Applications of KCC's fiberglass include LCD TVs, back panels of monitors as well as industries such as electric/electronic, automobile and civil engineering.

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