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Inorganic Materials
AM (Alumina Metalizing), a technology for binding metal onto AM ceramic to enhance electric insulation using metal and ceramic, can integrate ceramics and metal to control electricity. In particular, KCC's ceramic tube for VI (Vacuum Interrupter) has the biggest market share in the world and has been designated as the global leading product by KOTRA for 8 consecutive years. VI is a safety device that blocks the flow of high voltage electricity and is also called an “insulation switch.” It is applied in electricity transmission systems, wind power systems, electric vehicle charging stations and high-speed trains.

AM (Alumina Metalizing) products produced by binding ceramic and metal are classified into metalized ceramics and brazed ceramics. Metalized ceramics are made by coating metal on the surface of alumina ceramic (AI₂O₃), and is used as the core material for electric and electronic insulation parts.
Brazed ceramics are bound by thermal processing ceramic and metal in vacuum using special tools after metalizing.

AM products have the advantage of compact size, lightweight and thinness by combining conductive metal and insulating ceramic. With superior airtightness, it blocks the penetration of pollutants into the semi-conductor encapsulant, hence protecting the parts in any environment. In other words, AM products integrate metal and ceramic to effectively control electricity. This attribute of AM products meets the needs of the time, satisfying compactness, multifunction and complexity, and the areas of application are rapidly expanding. Applicable Industries (Advanced Materials)

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