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Powder Coatings

KCC Powder Coatings

Powder coatings for home appliances/electric products are eco-friendly paint without harmful substances. It was designed to secure long term durability by reinforcing corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and weatherability while satisfying beautiful appearance that customers want. KCC periodically reflects consumer needs and is reflecting high functional products such as 2 coating system, self-cleaning, high levelling, negative ions and antibacterial powder paint with reinforced corrosion resistance in highly corrosive environment to products.

Also, by obtaining international certificates such as DNV, FDA, KS and UL, efforts are being made to expanded application under severe environmental conditions such as ships, nuclear power plants and overseas plants.

  • Refrigerators

    Applied to the inner liners of refrigerators/kimchi refrigerators using high-functional coatings to fulfill customer demand on diverse colors and gloss for a beautiful appearance as well as chemical resistance and other relevant mechanical properties.

  • Switchboard

    Distribution boards—including electric control boards and panels of buildings and factories—use general exterior/interior powder coatings, and the industry is seeing an increased demand for high-hardness products due to the frequent occurrence of scratches during installation and maintenance.

  • Washing Machines

    Powder coatings are applied to the top cover of washing machines. Although currently, white color is mainly applied, high-functional coatings with increased gloss, waterproofness and abrasion resistance in diverse colors such as metallic colors are mainly used.

  • Cable Tray

    For cable trays applied to the electric wiring of plants, factories and vessels in the Middle East, products with superior anti-forming performance are being used.

  • Air Conditioner (Outdoor Unit)

    Powder coatings are applied to auxiliary parts of outdoor units of air conditioners. Coatings with excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance to withstand the outdoor installation environment and self-cleaning function are in use.


    BUSBAR is an apparatus used in replacing cables for a stable electricity supply in large buildings and factories. Coatings with the UL certification on insulation and flame retardancy in high voltages are used.


  • Washing Machines
  • Air Conditioner Outdoor Units