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General Industrial Coatings

General Industrial Coatings

KCC’s coating systems are applicable to various electric and electronic equipments, such as transformers, ultra-high voltage circuit breakers and motors, as well as home appliances including TVs and air conditioners. As for coating systems for transformers, KCC provides a protective coating system under ISO 12944 specification. Urethane and crosslinking acrylic coatings applied to TV stands and non-metals guarantee excellent adhesiveness and durability.

We are constantly developing and launching products applicable to various plastic materials for home appliances, such as ABS, PVC and PET.

  • Image Electronics

    Functional coatings with a beautiful appearance and excellent adhesiveness are applied to TV stands and bezels.

  • Transformers

    A transformer converts electricity and supplies it to buildings and factories. Epoxy coatings with excellent electric insulation and corrosion resistance, and urethane coatings with excellent appearance and weatherability are used.

  • Home appliances

    Products with diverse colors for a beautiful appearance, gloss and waterproofness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are applied to washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners. For extended applications, functional coatings with a color-retaining property and corrosion resistance are used.

  • Circuit Breaker

    Circuit breakers are used to block electricity supply and are installed in substations. Epoxy coatings with electric insulation certificate are used.


  • Refrigerators
  • Transformers