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Plastic Coatings

Plastic Coatings for home appliances

To maximize the properties of matereial (chrome plate texture, etc.), this coat applied high image clarity (transparent) polymer and diverse polar groups.
This appliance parts plastic Coatings has excellent adhesiveness, hardness, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance and can be applied to the exterior of TV stands and monitors.
According to materials applied, paint specification varies and urethane, epoxy and lacquer products can be recommended.

Plastic Coatings for Mobile Devices

Plastic coatings for mobile devices refer to coatings applied to mobile phones, tablet devices, Bluetooth devices, wearable devices and other accessories. Products are classified largely by plastic materials and coating methods. With the recent diversification of materials applied to mobile devices, relevant products are launched accordingly.

Plastic coatings for mobile devices can be classified into coatings for interior parts requiring electric insulation, coatings for exterior parts with exterior protection and diverse textures and accessory (object type) coatings used on buttons, etc.
In particular, applications of coatings for exterior parts have expanded, including diverse colors (look), emotional effects on texture (feel) and performance (function).
With the application of diverse materials such as silicone from the existing plastic materials, a broad product lineup of wearable coatings are constantly developed to satisfy the customer needs.

  • Urethane

    • Made from combining urethane during the reaction which is required for formation of film
    • Applied to heavy machinery and railway cars
    • Provides excellent adhesiveness, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and weatherability
  • Epoxy

    • A fast-curing coating which contains volaTiles solvents and enables quick formation of film
    • Provides high gloss and is used for repairing wood and steel materials
  • Lacquer

    • Natural-curing 2-component liquid enamel made mainly from epoxy resin
    • Applied to transformers and ultra-high voltage circuit breakers
    • Provides excellent adhesiveness, chemical resistance, water resistance and electric property


  • TV stands
  • Mobile phones