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Powder coatings for automobiles are applied to the interior and exterior of vehicles, and have a range of products that meet various customer specifications such as HMC, KIA, GM and Volkswagen. In particular, the wheel coatings have powder/liquid system coatings developed and supplied simultaneously, hence have the advantage of responding to the quality needs of customers. In addition, insulation coatings for automotive motors have passed international certification tests for flame retardancy and heat resistance, such as UL 94 and UL 746, and have confirmed their reliability. Based on our long experience and technology in Korea, KCC has recently been registered as a supplier of automotive coatings to major global players and is continuously expanding its market.

  • Alloy Wheel

    Alloy wheels for automobiles must use coatings that satisfy the specifications of finished cars, while acrylic clear coatings with corrosion resistance, chipping resistance, beautiful appearance and high corrosion resistance are used.

  • Coil Spring

    Powder coatings are applied to coil springs for shock absorption in the event of an impact while driving. While dual-coating products are generally used for abrasion resistance, coatings for coil springs must show high corrosion resistance against exposure to the external environment (snow and rain).

  • Window Regulator

    GM, Volkswagen and other internationally renowned companies apply powder coatings to window regulators to protect the materials against rainwater and pollution.

  • Cylinder Head

    Applied to the automobile engine casting, it uses low-temperature sintered type which gives exterior protection, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.


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