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General Industrial Coatings

General industrial paint for Automobiles

KCC offers general industrial coatings for automobiles that can improve the durability of various automotive parts in addition to the coatings applied to the car body. Coatings for automobile wheels provide various colors in line with the design concept of the vehicle. Functional coatings applied to interior parts of automobiles have excellent rust preventive properties and improve the durability of automobiles. In line with the market conditions demanding eco-friendliness and high functionality, we are constantly developing and launching new products, such as water-soluble coatings and high-function heat-resistant coatings.

  • Alloy Wheel

    Alloy wheels for automobiles must use coatings that satisfy the specifications of finished cars. The alloy wheel coating system is being applied along with automotive powder coatings. General industrial coatings influence the wheel colors, thus, coatings with high weatherability are used for color retention.
  • Coil Spring

    Powder coatings are applied to coil springs for shock absorption in the event of an impact while driving. While dual-coating products are generally used for abrasion resistance, coatings for coil springs must show high corrosion resistance against exposure to the external environment (snow and rain).
  • Roof Rack

    Roof rack is a rod used for loading or design finishing on the roof of a vehicle. It uses high weatherability coating with good abrasion resistance and good color preservation property.
  • Automotive Muffler

    Automotive mufflers that discharge exhaust gas uses a coating which prevents heat loss by applying denatured silicone resin to improve heat resistance.


  • Vehicle engine
  • Alloy wheel