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Inorganic Materials

Inorganic Materials

KCC's inorganic materials can be classified into metalized ceramics and direct copper bonding boards. We are developing and supplying fine ceramics, a new advanced inorganic material, by combining and developing accumulated technology and experience in inorganic materials and advanced technology in organic materials. KCC’s metalized ceramics are being manufactured with an efficient automated process, by which the latest equipment and the most advanced technology have been adopted along with a strict integrated quality control system. In addition, KCC has developed integrated module products based on KCC’s core technologies, such as metalizing and brazing technologies. In order to realize customer's process shortening and cost reduction, we are supplying components by integrating ceramics and various metal parts. We provide the best assembly products manufactured by our state-of-the-art high-vacuum brazing equipment, continuous brazing equipment and other types of equipment of various metal parts. DCB board, which is a core material of power modules, is manufactured based on the technology of ceramic tape casting. KCC has developed various ceramic board technologies, including DCB boards made of alumina (Al₂O₃) and aluminum nitride (AlN). Especially, KCC has developed a process which manufactures DCB boards from raw materials to finished products, and is leading the ceramic materials market for electric/electronic applications.

Vehicle DCB board applied to power module in inverter & charger of electric vehicles

In accordance with the increasing demand for electric cars, in control panel for precise control of electricity, the application of HIC board is being reviewed, while high-reliability boards called Si3N4 AMB and ZTA DCB are being applied to power various parts needed to set off electric output and convert DC and AC.