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Fiberglass for automobile parts

As the development of eco-friendly automobile manufacturing technology has been promoted due to the strengthening of environmental regulations worldwide and rising oil prices in the automobile field, the engineering plastics for automobile interior / exterior materials reinforcement are required to be lightweight, dimensional stability, It can provide various physical properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

Chopped Strand

The chopped strand products manufactured by KCC are processed with a special sizing agent suitable for each application and cut to a certain length such as 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm so as to be suitable for reinforcing industrial plastic products or other products. It is used in all kinds of industrial FRTP such as electrical and electronic parts, office supplies, automobiles and machine parts. It is reinforced in engineering plastics such as PA, Phenol, PET, PBT, PC, ABS, PP and LCP and has excellent workability and mechanical properties. Chopped strand products for each application are extruded through an extruder, mixed with resin, processed into pellet semi-finished product, and then molded into the desired product shape in injection method. These KCC chopped strand products are used on glass fiber surface by applying chemical coating treatment such as coupling agents, film formers, and anti-static agents. We are developing optimal physical properties for each industrial plastic.

Direct Roving

KCC's direct roving products consist of about 800-4,000 filaments that are bundled with organic materials to form a single strand (also referred to as "single end roving"). They are used for weaving, filament wading, and pultrusion. It is an E-glass type product designed for continuous process of molded products requiring high strength and has the following features.
  • Sizing treatment for compatibility with unsaturated polyester, epoxy and vinyl ester resin
  • Fast resin wettability and smooth surface for excellent FRP properties
  • Minimize fuzz occurrence during production and excellent loosening of roving
  • Excellent molding strength and strand sustainability

Conventional Roving

KCC's conventional roving products have multiple strands with approximately 200 filaments assembled in a single bundle (and also called 'assembled roving' for this reason). It was designed based on reinforcement of strength of FRP that is suitable for manufacturing bathtubs, vessels and septic tanks. It has the following properties.
  • Fast resin wettability and smooth surface
  • Excellent molding strength and workability
  • Cutting, dispersing and releasing properties suitable for process
  • Excellent compatibility with polyester resin

Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped strand mat manufactured by KCC has combined glass fibers consisting of E-glass cut into certain length (generally 50mm) by using adhesive ('unsaturated polyester resin' powder). KCC's chopped strand mat product has the following properties for molding FRP of higher quality.
  • Hand lay-up and continuous laminating process are easy
  • Excellent compatibility with unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin
  • Smooth surface condition after FRP work due to excellent wettability of strand
  • Fast resin wettability, easy de-airing and curved surface molding

Woven Roving

WR-series woven roving products (aka, roving cloth) manufactured by KCC is a glass fabric for FRP which is made from plain weaves so that the glass roving of E-glass with a certain Tex composition is made to a constant weight per unit area. KCC's woven roving products have the following features to mold FRP of better quality.
  • Sizing treatment for easy hand lay-up work by applying unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and resin
  • Smooth surface condition after FRP work by using strand of excellent wettability
  • Easy to handle and cut, easy de-airing due to fast resin wettability and capability of curved surface molding

Applications: Vessels, aircraft parts, ski, sport goods, freeze container, large FRP molding

Application field

  • Electrical components: Connectors, Actuator
  • Interior material: seat support, ceiling reinforcement, main parts around the driver's seat, gears
  • Exterior materials: car body, reinforced structure, various modules (front, rear, door module), under-cover etc.
  • Engine / fuel section: Radiator, intake menu fold
  • Rail vehicle floor, bus body, cargo container, truck, spoiler


  • Automotive Parts
  • Automotive Parts