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Coatings for vessels and offshore plants are applied to protect the structures in extremely severe environmental conditions. Unlike structures built on land, vessels are independent marine vehicles, which means they must withstand extremely corrosive environments while securing safety and easy maintenance even when parts of the hull are damaged.
In particular, most of the hulls made of iron or wood remain submerged in seawater during voyage, and the structures exposed in the air are constantly exposed to seawater droplets and intense UV rays. Therefore, proper anti-corrosive and anti-fouling coating systems are required.


Vessels are classified by application, cargo status and loading method. First, it is classified into merchant vessels, special-purpose vessels, battleships and fishing boats depending on the application. The structures are largely comprised of exterior (hull) and interior (cargo tank, residential area, engine room, etc.), and the recommended specifications for each part vary.

  • General Merchant

    Training ships, tugs, probes, etc.
  • Special-purpose

    Practice ships, tugs, probes, etc.
  • Battleships

    Submarines, aircraft carriers, frigates, etc.
  • Fishing Boats

    Catch carrier, etc.
Applications Applied Products KCC recommendation
Bottom of ship (rust prevention) Vertical Bottom Flat Bottom Rust preventive Coatings EH2350, EH2351, EH2352, EH2030
High abrasion resistant Coatings EH3090
Bottom of ship (Anti-fouling) Vertical Bottom Flat Bottom Anti-foulding Coatings A/F795, EgisPacific, EgisPacific(P), EgisPacific(L), EgisArrow
Exposed area / (Exterior) Topside
Exposed Deck
Deck House (outside)
Rust preventive coatings
finishing coatings
UT6581, ST1020
Ballast tank Watar Ballast Tank Rust preventive coatings EH2350, EH2351, EH2352, EH2030
Cargo tank Cargo Hold (bulk carrier)
Cargo Hold (container ship)
Cargo Tank (oil tanker)
Abrasion resistant rust preventive coating
Anti-yellowing rust preventive coating
Rust preventive coating
Cargo Tank (chemical tanker) Zinc/Phenolic/Pure Epoxy IZ180(N), EH2630, EP174(T)
Cargo Tank (LNG line) Wash Primer / Mastic VP186, EN9771(D)
Other areas Engine Room
Void Space
1-liquid epoxy/alkyd
Rust preventive coating


Offshore plants explore/drill/excavate/produce deep underwater marine resources and are also called marine production facility. Representative devices include drillship that drills deep sea crude gas and FPSO (Floating Production Storage Offloading). As each offshore plant is manufactured differently due to its uniqueness in parts and designs, KCC’s specialists recommend from a broad range of coatings and specifications.

  • Drill rigs

    Semi rig (semi-submersible drilling rig), drill ship, jack-up rig, etc.
  • Production facility

    Stationary equipment (platform), floating equipment (FPU, FPSO, LNG-FPSO), etc.