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KCC plant coatings are being used all around the world for its world leading technology.
Plant coatings installed at almost all heavy industry fields such as industrial facilities, bridges and power plants is an essential material for corrosion prevention, maintenance and improved performance in many facilities such as steel bridges and steel structures. It is used in major facilities that are infrastructure of the country, and its importance is increasing with the development of industries.

  • Steel Bridges [Concrete/Steel Structures]

    This coating specification is applied to new steel bridges for its excellent rust prevention, chemical resistance, salinity resistance and abrasion resistance. This coating system uses inorganic zinc, urethane, natural drying fluoride and ceramic coating as the top coat.

  • Industrial/Plant Steel Structures

    It is installed on new construction and maintenance sites of various industrial and plant sites to increase the lifetime of structure and enable efficient maintenance by providing excellent rust prevention and durability.

  • Petrochemical and Chemical Tanks

    It is coated on the interior and exterior of chemical tanks made from general steel materials in order to safely store various chemical substances by providing superior chemical resistance, rust prevention and waterproofness.

  • Power Plant

    Highly functional nuclear power plant coatings with radiation resistance and easy removal property at the same time and coatings for other power plants must have less physical and chemical change over the course of extended use. Also, as they need to have excellent radiation resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance and salinity resistance, KCC coatings are used across many domestic and overseas sites.

  • Substation/Transmission Power

    By applying high weatherability coatings such as polysiloxane top coat to substations that are difficult to maintain compared to other sites, both efficiency and economic feasibility can be achieved at the same time.

  • Chimneys and High-temperature/Heat-resistant Areas

    The product is applied to various concrete chimneys and steel areas requiring heat resistance to provide excellent heat resistance, adhesiveness and long-term durability. In particular, as we have coating specifications in accordance with the heat-resistant temperature range for heat-resistant coating, you can select the most optimal specifications from the technological and economical perspective.

  • Fireproof Coating

    KCC's fireproof coating, Firemask, with the highest quality and economic value in Korea, can prevent collapse of building from deteriorated steel frame strength and spreading of fire in the event of fire when coated on steel frame pillars and beams. It increases the heat resistance by foaming at high temperatures to block transmission of heat to steel frame.

  • Water Treatment Facility

    Coatings for water treatment facilities require excellent chemical resistance, and are recommended as certified specification for submerged areas and non-submerged areas.

  • Floodgate and Tidal Gate

    Painting specifications for floodgates and tidal gates require high level of waterproofness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance. KCC's products of high technological quality are being safely installed at many sites.

  • Nonferrous Metals

    It is safely coated on nonferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc galvanized steel that are difficult to coating, to provide excellent durability and adhesiveness.


  • Steel structures
  • Petrochemical
  • Bridges
  • Power plants