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Powder Coatings for plant

Powder coatings for plant has been developed from independent technology using powder coating for pipes such as oil pipelines, gas pipes and for rebars to supply to domestic and overseas industries. FBE powder coatings are being applied to prevent corrosion of rebars, pipes and valves of social infrastructural facility construction projects where long term corrosion resistance is essential.

Powder coating for plant by KCC have the highest reputation through the project collaboration with the largest oil company in the world, ARAMCO.

* FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) is a coating technique of fast setting epoxy powder coating to preheated material.

  • Steel Pipe

    Powder coatings for steel pipes are applicable to oil pipelines and gas pipes, the functional powder coating with ultra-high corrosion resistance and chemical resistance is used to provide excellent adhesiveness and corrosion resistance.


    For rebars that are concrete reinforcement steel bars, the coating with superior performance in preventing corrosion of rebars and chemical erosion in extreme environment is used.


    Powder coating applicable to water pipe must satisfy excellent adhesiveness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance and comply with the standards for drinking water pipe approved by FDA.


  • Rebars
  • Pipes