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Vivid and Long-lasting Decorative Coatings

Decorative coatings developed to meet diverse attributes and applications of modern architecture—such as exterior/interior coating, DIY/interior coating, elastic waterproof coating and floor finishing coating—extend the lifetime of buildings with excellent durability, while their broad range of colors beautifully enhance the building exteriors. KCC has an extensive product line, including KCC SUPRO, a waterborne coating mainly used as a finishing coat of exterior/interior concrete walls, KCC SENSEMEL, an oil-based coating mainly used on wood and steel, SPORTAN used as a non-exposure waterproof coat and UNIPOXY applied to sidewalks and parking lot floors. KCC has developed an extensive line of products for external applications, which are classified by a quality grading system to provide the best response to customer needs. SUPRO SE for Exteriors, SUPRO Durasense, and a high-weatherability silicone coating called SUPRO Neoseal PLUS are being widely distributed across the industry

SUPRO is a series of the highest quality waterborne coatings in Korea.
As a representative brand for eco-friendliness, SUPRO has significantly minimized the level of harmful substances, and brings out the best esthetic effects with its diverse colors, ultimately offering long-term protection of the building with high adherence and durability, and securing a wide range of applications as a finishing coat for interiors and exteriors with strong weatherability, stain resistance and mold resistance. In particular, SUPRO Home&, an exclusive brand for DIY/interior, allows anyone to easily coating to create a beautiful and comfortable living space.

As an eco-friendly DIY coating, SUPRO Home& offers long-lasting beauty, allowing easy application for even the very beginners.

KCC's DIY coating SUPRO Home& has ranked highest in eco-friendliness, and is odorless and resistant to various germs including mold. It also offers a wide range of colors and guarantees simple and easy application.

  • Prevent fine cracks
  • low odor
  • free from heavy metals
  • free from formaldehyde
  • antibacterial
  • easy to clean
  • decompose formaldehyde


  • Finishing coat for exterior/interior concrete of apartment and cement mortar
  • Finishing coat for interiors, including steel and wooden materials


  • Safe with water soluble and non-flammable formula
  • Affordable compared to oil-based types
  • Certified for eco-friendliness and suitable for the latest trends in the construction market