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Powder Coatings

Powder Coatings for construction

Power coatings for construction exterior coatings are designed to meet the environmental conditions.

In particular, Highrise-R series use special polyester resins and special pigments with excellent weatherability. This is a high weather resistant powder coating that ensures long term weatherability and reflects consumer's diverse material selection and eco-friendly surface treatment trends to ensure superior durability. In addition, apartment handrails, traffic lights, street lights and fences are developed to satisfy the needs of each application and to expand the application for new city construction.

  • Fence

    It is a weather-resistant product applied to the fence of factory/apartment complex. Green and white colors are mainly used, but diverse colors can be applied to meet consumer needs.

  • Access Floor

    This product is applied to the floor of semi-conductor/LED factory. It uses anti-static function to prevent defects caused by particle problems in the semi-conductor process.

  • Fire Door

    It is applied to fire doors that prevent diffusion when a fire occurs. It uses various colored products for building design as well as functionality of flame retardancy.

  • Handrails

    It is a weather-resistant product applied to the balconies of apartment complexes. Generally, it is applied with patterned coatings (HAMMERTONE).


  • Balconie handrails
  • Fences