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General Industrial Coatings

General industrial coatings in Construction industry

KCC has contributed to the development of building materials technology by developing and distributing KOFLUX, heat drying type fluorine coating in the 1980s and KOFLON, a natural drying type fluorine coating in the 1990s.

KOFLUX meets international quality standards AAMA 2605 using only polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fluoro-resins and weather-resistant pigments to ensure exceptional resistance to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme climate change and urban air pollution.
KOFLON is a two-component natural drying type coating based on FEVE (Fluoroethylene vinyl ether) fluorine resin. It meets the specification quality of standard bridge steel of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and is applied to iron structure in industrial zone and marine environment.

We have been applying fluoride coatings to various buildings in Korea and abroad for over 30 years and have been continuously expanding the scope of application through product development and improvement.

  • Curtain Wall

    Since curtain wall is the outer wall of a high-rise building, color preservation is the most important element. Therefore, it uses functional coatings such as self-cleaning coating and ultra-high weathering coating using various colors and metallic pigments.

  • PVC Window

    We apply fluoric coatings to PVC windows of the existing white color and provide various advantages. Especially, we are developing and applying eco-friendly water-soluble coatings for the first time in Korea.


  • Curtain Wall
  • Curtain Wall