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PCM Coatings

Construction PCM

Construction-grade PCM coatings are used for interior and exterior (roof & wall) of buildings, and PCM steel plates exposed outside requires high weatherability.

KCC's construction-grade PCM coatings are mainly polyester melamine type and are designed to have excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.
Construction-grade PCM coatings can be classified into RMP, SMP, HDP, NDP and PVDF according to the function of weather resistance, and can be classified as wrinkle coating and high-build type depending on the exterior appearance and system.

  • General Construction Interior/Exterior Materials

    • Applied to interior/exterior materials for buildings such as houses and warehouses
    • Roof materials, sandwich panels, interior finishing
    • Excellent workability, weatherability and durability
  • Interior/exterior materials for high grade buildings

    • Applied as high grade interior/exterior materials for buildings and villas
    • Steel plate for AL composite panel, and for roof/wall of high rise building
    • Excellent weatherability and durability of fluorine steel, SMP and polyurethane
  • Functional interior/exterior material

    • Interior/exterior panel with various functions
    • Provides functions such as self-cleaning, anti-graffiti, cool roofing and anti-static, etc.
  • Style-up interior/exterior material

    • Unique appearance with colorful appearance and various patterns
    • Printed steel plant, wrinkle, chameleon, high-gloss fluorine steel plate, etc.


  • Fireproof door
  • Curtain wall