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Solar Power

KCC is expanding

its business not only in solar power generation, but also across the entire energy business sector.
To raise the economic value of our customers’ energy sector, specialists from the academia and engineers who are experienced in energy system diagnosis provide services relating to renewable energy and climate change.

KCC Solar Power Business

KCC is involved in stages from business development, EPC implementation, financing and O&M business in PV business. Moreover, we are carrying out RPS business and mandatory installation projects, and are expanding to rural PV business and ESS-related convergence business.

"Performance on EPC 50MW"

  • Rural PV business, resident participatory business
  • RPS business, mandatory building installation business, housing supply business
  • Combination of PV+ESS, energy complex business

KCC PV Business Solution

KCC provides a total solution for photovoltaic business from project development to EPC, financial arrangement and O&M.

  • Project Development

    Project Development

    • Secure a site
    • Review business feasibility
    • Derive a business structure
    • Implement design permits
    • Set up project portfolio
  • Project Financing

    Project Financing

    • KCC undertakes financial arrangement through financial networking
    • We provide solutions that suit your business scale by utilizing financial advisors and renewable energy funds
  • EPC

    EPC Partner

    • We suggest installation methods and special techniques by installation type (rooftop, land, offshore, building integrated type, etc.)
    • Secure price and quality competitiveness through strategic purchasing network
  • O&M

    O&M Partner

    • We undertake operations management and monitoring service on power plants.
    • We build an integrated monitoring system

Engineering of KCC Photovoltaic System

We provide a total system-engineering service to maximize power generation through optimal design by installation type (rooftop, land, offshore and building integrated type (solar)), and analyze the economic feasibility.

Designing a Solar Power System

  • Consider the altitude and azimuth angle of the sun
  • Consider east-west and north-south lengths of the structure
  • Consider the east-west inclination of the site
  • Review surrounding environment (remote/nearby obstacles)
  • Use a photovoltaic program
  • Provide accurate design/installation
  • Achieve power generation efficiency targets

Review Process on Business Feasibility

  • Technical review and legal review of business site (inclination, shading, permits, etc.)
  • Review appropriateness of grid-connected equipment
  • Carry out structural review of the building; review relevant structures and civil engineering conditions
  • Set up a basic design and calculate annual power generation
  • Carry out business feasibility review (business, technical and financial stability)

Achievements of KCC Solar Power Business

KCC has conducted numerous installation projects on solar power systems (EPC) of above 50MW and is currently operating 10.6MW of its own solar power plant.
We are continuously expanding the business into energy convergence business fields such as solar power generation and ESS (Energy Storage System).

Rooftop Installations (independently operated power plant)

    • Gimcheon Solar Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 5,756 kWp
    • Daejuk Solar Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 1,590 kWp
    • Yeoju Solar Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 955 kWp

Building Integrated PV Installations

    • Sangrok-gu Office in Ansan
    • Installation Capacity : Solar 30KW
    • Goyang Indoor Gym
    • Installation Capacity : Solar 26.5KW
    • KCC building Environment Research Center
    • Installation Capacity : PV+Solar 10KW
    • Ulsan Science and Technology University
    • Installation Capacity : PV+Solar 81.5KW

Land-type Construction Cases

    • Gwangil PV Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 2,000 kWp
    • Highway PV Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : PV 1,700 kWp
    • Chungnam Seosan PV Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 9,000 kWp
    • Wonho PV Power Plant
    • Installation Capacity : 4,060 kWp