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KCC Beauticle

is a compound word of Beautiful and Cubicle. KCC aimed to provide comfort, coziness and pleasantness to modern people dreaming of eco-friendly well-being by adding beauty to the bathroom space, which is another important living and cultural space.

Beauticle Features

Excellent Functionality
The specially designed hinges are applied to minimize door deformation and noise, and to arbitrarily adjust the angle of opening. Also, the use indicator is attached to the lock to provide user convenience.
By cutting the panel from the factory by the system module, other subsidiary materials needed for construction can be packaged, making it easy to manage the material on site and improve the construction efficiency.
Panels with Excellent Water Resistance
The waterproof particle board and the aqua board are applied to the panel core to minimize panel deformation even when it is applied to places with high humidity. And the panel side is covered by the PVC system edge band to prevent penetration of moisture.
Beautiful Design
Various panel designs, stainless steel finish and exclusive hardware for each product have been applied to provide a beautiful appearance and provide the design that perfectly suits the customer's taste.
  • Beauticle SENSE

    • Most common partition type at an economical price
    • Minimizes door opening space by applying pivot hinge
    • Prevents slag with hinge-paired bolt
    • Clothes hanger’s dual function as a stopper
    • Less damage to the lock (Hook turns downward when not in use)
  • Beauticle FUSION 15

    • Minimizes warping by connecting multiple plates
    • Perfect waterproofing (resins)
    • Perfectly shuts off view from outside
    • Reduced production time compared to conventional compact panels → HPM bonding on panel (design film available)