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Fiberglass for building interior / exterior materials

1.2 Application of long-lived housing that can reduce wasted resources and social costs caused by massive release of garbage due to early demolition reconstruction, in response to changes in demand and demand of users, As it is continuously expanding, various construction products using KCC fiberglass can be applied to various design applications and durability-required building materials.

Replacement with existing metal materials (steel, stainless steel, and alloy) makes it possible to reduce weight, shorten construction time, and reduce maintenance costs.

Application Field

  • Interior construction material: PVC flooring, gypsum board, interior material
  • Building Exterior: Eaves, Roof, Structure, Formwork


  • PVC flooring
  • For gypsum board reinforcement
  • Transparent material (Leksan)
  • Architectural formwork (panel)