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Powder Coatings

Powder Coatings

It is widely used in the industry and has excellent quality such as flexibility, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance of paint film required in industrial field.

In order to satisfy various customers' demand quality, we are developing and supplying low-temperature curing type powder coatings and special pattern (hammer tone, metallic) powder coatings with functionalities such as antistatic and flame retardant properties. KCC industrial powder coatings are market trend In order to expand the application range of lead and powder coatings, we are focusing on new developments of products and coating systems capable of low temperature and fast curing.

  • Machine Tools

    Applied to milling machines and other machine tools. Coating with excellent corrosion resistance in working environment is applied.

  • Office Furniture

    This product is being applied to metallic materials of industrial/household furniture. In general, there is a great demand for metallic products and white series products, and demand for MDF powder coatings is also increasing.

  • Farm Machinery

    For farm machinery, external powder coatings with good appearance and weatherability are applied.

  • Medical Equipment

    Powder coatings for medical equipment are applied to high-price equipment such as CT and MRI. Products with excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance are applied due to environmental demand, and the demand for special-pattern coatings is increasing.


  • Machining Tool
  • Farming Equipment