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General Industrial Coatings

General Industrial Coatings

Steel production volume is a measure of industrial development which leads all industrial sectors. Along with the development of industrial products, the industrial coatings market is also growing.
Coating materials for automobiles, machinery, daily necessities, toys and sporting goods using steel should have anti-corrosion and decorative functions.
The features of industrial coatings are characterized by the specialization of required physical properties, the small-lot multi-product market due to specialization, the development of new coating due to the change of preferences and various functionalities.

  • Construction Equipment

    In addition to excavators, forklift trucks and loaders, we have been applying coatings with excellent weatherability and mechanical properties. We have also applied zero heavy metals/high solid products.

  • Specially-equipped Vehicles

    Coatings of high workability and diverse properties are applied to specially equipped vehicles such as concrete pump cars, freezer trucks and RMCs, etc.

  • Railway Vehicles

    Various coatings for railway vehicles are applied to special coatings and general specifications with flame retardancy certificates for high speed and light rails.

  • Heat-resistant Tools and Materials

    Coatings protect the appearance of heat-resistant apparatus used by ships, vehicles and plants by applying heat resistance, and room temperature curing products were developed to resolve scratches in transportation.

  • Kitchen Utensils

    It is applicable to pots, frying pans and other kitchen utensils. It has excellent heat resistance, hardness and abrasion resistance. Flame-retardant coatings using ceramic resin are being applied to set.

  • Machinery

    In addition to machine tools and injection machines, coatings with excellent corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance in working environment are being applied. Functional coating systems with chemical resistance and weatherability are applied.


  • Construction equipment
  • Subway interior material
  • Railway vehicle
  • Plant