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Gypsum TEX

KCC Gypsum Tex PLUS

is a nonflammable ceiling panel made by processing the gypsum panel manufactured using flue gas desulfurized gypsum and then coating. It is economical, easy to install and has high durability.
KCC Gypsum Tex PLUS has a new dot pattern in high-chroma white color to create more luxurious ceilings compared to previous Tex products. Applications include office buildings, schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Gypsum Tex PLUS uses desulfurized gypsum as a main ingredient, and features practicality and economic value as a construction material for ceilings.
Gypsum Tex PLUS does not emit formaldehyde, which is a major cause of sick house syndrome, nor various organic compounds that are harmful to the human body. In addition to the environmental indication certificate, Gypsum Tex PLUS also obtained the highest grade in HB mark (5 clovers), which is an eco-friendly certification. It is also characterized by excellent fire resistance, as it uses gypsum with excellent fireproof performance as the main ingredient.
In the event of fire, it can minimize the loss of life due to minimized emission of harmful gases. It also satisfies the non-flammability performance standard of materials in certificates KS F ISO 1182 and KS F 2271.

In addition, it creates a luxurious interior space with a design that offers colors with a sense of comfort, yet sophisticated patterns