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Why does our dream house only need to look pretty? Can we extend the Golden Time in the event of a fire? Is it really safe for my kids to use? What could be both functional and visually attractive? KCC sets new standards that enrich our lives. We have pioneered the building materials market and developed life-transforming technologies on coatings and advanced materials. KCC enhances product quality and technical advancement across diverse industries such as building materials, coatings, advanced materials, silicone and more. KCC has grown into an ultra-precision chemical company by fulfilling market needs based on local and global networks across construction, marine/offshore plant, electronics, home appliance, and automotive sectors. Ultimately, the quality of materials determines the quality of construction. Our dream house can be created only when we choose eco-friendly products that boost energy efficiency and reflect the latest designs. Zero Energy House is becoming reality thanks to KCC's renewable energy technology on geothermal and solar energy and high-performance insulation materials. We are leading the creation of future-oriented spaces by providing color solutions and design consulting based on mega trends and IoT-integrated smart housing. Non-flammable materials and intumescent coatings extend the golden time to save valuable lives. Harmful gases are not emitted as the materials don't burn, and this ultimately buys us time before the building collapses. The technology to protect the ship against extreme marine environments is key to building ships and offshore plants. KCC's technological strength is what makes ship owners worldwide seek KCC. We work to create a future where humans and oceans can exist harmoniously with eco-friendly solubilizing technology and energy-saving friction reduction technology. The technology to protect plant facilities against extremely corrosive environments is important, such as barren deserts, humid rain forests, power plants and more. This is made all possible with KCC's high-performance products. I really like the soft and moist texture. I heard this product contains KCC silicone. I'm always concerned about baby products, but I feel so relieved by this eco-friendly product. KCC silicone is applied to silicone coating technology of medical devices. Applications of KCC's fiberglass and silicone-based sealants are also on the rise in advanced industries as they are used as composite materials for aircraft parts. KCC's technological strength plays a key role in creating trendy designs and improving durability of home appliances like VCM films and Coil coatings, not to mention major parts for electric and electronic devices. KCC is serving as the major driving force for the 4th industry. We provide customers in the electronics industry with comprehensive solutions by successfully integrating convergence technology with a wide range of materials, including epoxy molding compounds, metal bonding with ceramic, and display coatings materials.. Elegant colors can dramatically transform the car into a masterpiece. The depth and elegance of KCC's colors create a unique, refined atmosphere, a key element in achieving a high degree of completeness.. KCC has maintained high levels of customer satisfaction and trust by upgrading automotive design with its unique technology on water-borne coatings. Furthermore, we are leading the growth of the automotive industry by developing glass and new materials that reduce vehicle weight and by providing highly functional, high-performance products that are applied to autonomous cars and electric vehicles. HomeCC Interior enables its specialists to provide customers with customized packages classified by Organic, Soft, and Trendy concepts. HomeCC Interior has also upgraded the reputation of interior design services by ensuring transparent quotation, reliable materials and excellent customer service. HomeCC Interior offers brand new solutions on the living space by adding or partially replacing interior items based on analyses of consumption patterns and trends. HomeCC Interior is actively developing products like exquisite tiles that are greatly admired by customers. KCC Central Research Institute is accelerating its R&D efforts to boost the value of our lives. We're building the foundation to strengthen our competitiveness in the era of the 4th industrial revolution through technologies for organic and inorganic materials and convergence technology.. I always choose KCC as people are their no.1 priority. It's not always visible, but if a product contains KCC's materials, I am 100% reassured. With KCC's products, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.