KCC Corporation

The Architectural Environment
Research Center

The Architectural Environment
Research Center

"The Architectural Environment Research Center," built to conduct R&D on the next-generation of eco-friendly futuristic
housing, is a six-story (2,600 m2) building within the KCC Central Research Institute. The research center is located at
Giheung-gu, Mabuk-dong, Yongin City, Gyeonggi Province. It consists of a residential laboratory and a commercial laboratory.
This center was built based on eco-friendly element technology for zero use of fossil fuels , and zero emissions of carbon
dioxide and features triple-glazed windows, vacuum insulation system and a geothermal air-conditioning / heating system.

The Architectural Environment Research Center

The Architectural Environment Research Center

Diversify product applications

  • Development of Product Application

Efficient Use of Energy

  • Wall Insulation
  • Window Insulation
  • Renewable Energy

Design Clean and Healthy Housing

  • Control indoor air quality
  • Design architectural acoustic systems
  • Improve design environments

Development of Long-lasting Construction Systems

  • Design variable infill systems
  • Desiccation of interior and exterior systems

R&D in Base Technology

  • Interpret and predict design simulations
  • Design products/systems
  • Propose guidelines
  • Design a comprehensive system
  • Propose a standard model for green home

Technical Support for Quality Stabilization

  • Product Size & Design
  • Standardization


Residential Building Laboratory

  • 1st Floor ZERO HOUSE LAB Super High Thermal Insulation Envelope Application & Test Zero Energy House Design Assessment
    2nd/3rd Floors Residential Environment LAB Acoustic Environment Testing Thermal Environment Testing Air Environment Test
    4th/5th Floors 3-R LAB (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) System Quality, Assessment Room Dry System Mock-Up LAB
    • "Zero Energy House" Verification (real energy use monitoring after the application of new renewable energy and high thermal insulation element technology).
    • Wall/Window Envelope Insulation System Testing.
    • Cooling/Heating, Solar Energy Generation Utilization & Efficiency Analysis.
    • Indoor Air Quality & Sound Absorption/Blocking Testing.
    • Recycled Resource Research & Long Life Housing (housing that facilitates environmental protection through a lengthened lifespan by using replaceable walls and heating system): Test in Progress.

Commercial Building Laboratory

The Commercial Building laboratory tests solar-energy generation performance by using BIPV (building integrated photo voltaic system) with solar-energy modules mounted on double skin facade curtain walls.

  • Test Cell BIPV Test Cell, Floor Heating Test Cell, Window Test Cell
    Monitoring Internet-Based Monitoring Analysis System, Building Energy Simulation Research
    • Visual Mock-Up Test
    • BIPV System Performance Assessment.
    • Glazed Window and Heating/Cooling Load Reduction Assessment.

System Performance Testing Unit

  • Acoustic Testing Unit (KOLAS)
    Thermal Insulation & Condensation Testing Unit (KOLAS)
    Wind Resistance/Fire Resistance Testing Unit
    • This unit is capable of measuring and assessing wall/window/ceiling material/celling material system's sound blocking performance.
    • This unit is capable of assessing the extent of a material's sound absorption.
    • This unit plans to continue to measure air tightness, water tightness, and the resistance of large-scale window materials in the performance testing facilities. It will also assess the fire resistance of building elements, such as gypsum boards, fire-proof glass, and fire-proof doors, in the fire-resistance testing facilities.