General Industrial Paint - KCC Corporation
KCC’s technology strengthens the durability of mechanical facilities.
Industrial coatings provide special features on iron and non-ferrous metals,
raising product value through diverse colors and beautiful appearance, while providing increased durability to the substrate.
It can raise the value of product through diverse colors and beautiful appearance while providing increased durability to workpiece. Automotive coatings beautify the car exterior and extends its lifetime. In response to the ever more stringent environmental regulations,
KCC is developing low-emission waterborne coatings for the first time in Korea with its independent technology.

Industrial coatings extend the lifetime of products through rust resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.
Classified by steel coatings and non-ferrous metal coatings, KCC’s industrial coatings are applied to various processing machines, household appliances and steel parts

Heat-resistant coatings refer to coatings that do not cause cracks, discoloration or peeling under high temperatures of over 200℃, or coatings with a slight degree of damage. With the use of silicone resin as the main ingredient, along with pigments that endure high temperatures, applications of heat-resistant coatings range from factory chimneys, boilers and steam pipes, vessel/aircraft engines and automobile/motorcycle mufflers to frying pans, ovens and heaters used at home.

Market Application (Coatings)