Marine/Plant Paint - KCC Corporation
KCC’s heavy-duty coatings protect facilities from extremely corrosive environments.
Marine coatings, which prevent adherence of marine organisms onto the surface of vessels and corrosion of steel surfaces
from seawater and freshwater, and heavy-duty coatings used in industrial facilities, bridges and various power plants,
are a key element of corrosion prevention and maintenance and improvement of performance of facilities.

KCC's antifouling coatings prevent adherence of marine organisms onto the surface of vessels to effectively protect the hull surface for an extended period of time. With eco-friendly materials and decreased friction resistance against seawater, fuel consumptions can be reduced effectively.

Moreover, KCC manufactures coatings for vessel tanks that secure excellent performance under severe marine conditions, along with marine coatings and eco-friendly container coatings that have significantly reduced the discharge of organic chemical substances. KCC is also supplying protective coatings that have been certified specifically for its safety performance on nuclear power plants along with coatings for plant facilities, such as coatings for steel bridges used on buildings and steel frame structures and flame-retardant coatings.

Market Application (Coatings)