Plastic Paint - KCC Corporation
Leading the industry with product performance and luxurious appearance
KCC's plastic coatings are widely used on exteriors of various electronic devices thanks to excellent weatherability and cold resistance. Plastic coatings are also applied to smart phones, which are an essential part of modern day life.

KCC, under the vision of growing into a global mecca of coatings for electronic materials, has established an exclusive production facility dedicated solely to manufacturing plastic coatings for IT products such as mobile phones. KCC has developed plastic coatings of diverse colors, patterns and functions to boost the value of mobile devices, and recently, has been focusing on developing eco-friendly coatings, real metals and lightweight products. Plastic coatings applied to interior materials, such as dashboards for cars, can protect the properties of interior materials while adding an emotional attractiveness of automobiles. Plastic parts can express leather or metal texture and minimize the gloss on the surface to reduce the sunglare effect.

Market Application (Coatings)