PCM Coatings - KCC Corporation
Completing a luxurious appearance
PCM (Pre-Coated Metal) coatings are applied to a uniform panel prior to metal processing,
which is why productivity is significantly higher compared to coating metals of complicated shapes. The coated steel panels are then processed into various products by cutting, forming and assembling.
PCM coatings are mainly applied to enhance the appearance of refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and air conditioners.

PCM coatings are generally applied to washing machines, outdoor conditioning units, microwave ovens, black covers of flat TVs, sound device cases, and side panels and doors of refrigerators. Unlike general coatings that are applied after plastic forming, PCM coatings are applied prior to processing. The metal panel coated by PCM coatings is referred to as PCM, which stands for Pre-Coated Metal.
PCM coatings are applied to flat panels, hence the application speed is extremely fast and the productivity is high. The user can add high gloss and smooth texture for a more luxurious appearance.
PCM coatings satisfy both mass manufacturing and quality.
In the past, PCM coatings were mainly used for interior/exterior construction materials, but since KCC developed PCM coatings capable of application to household appliances for the first time in Korea, the demand in household appliances has been increasing. In particular, KCC's PCM coatings for household appliances have excellent scratch resistance. With the increased design standard of household appliances, KCC is focusing on developing PCM coatings with a beautiful appearance, and is setting new trends in the premium household appliances market by developing high-gloss and emotionally textured coatings.

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